Although not parametric mids frequency setting , the 3-band EQ is effective. Subscribe to our free newsletter Subscribe. You get an analog mixer and all its benefits to use for practices and live shows; then when you want to record, it’s a simple one-cable computer connection to start tracking. The use of the table is very simple! The reverbs themselves sound pretty nice. For that price, it was not a complaint.

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And then I passed Windows 7 and there is no problem. In the end the table faders are used to manage the entry level, the Cubase mixer channel manages the mix that is sent over the sound system. Sampling supposed to go up in bit Hz, but for now I do not go russi del Hz 16 bit multimis with squenceur provided.

FireWire version is no longer marketed, replaced by the USB2.

Alesis Multimix 8 FireWire Studio Mixer | eBay

Must not ask too much, it’s not the mackie, yamaha, or ssl digidesign! It made using several different mic setups a cinch too.

However, I am particularly pleased and opportunities offered through the firewire interface. Instead of trying to develop the sound I wanted with my mouse on a computer screen, I was able to get it right the mltimix time with the Multimix.

There was also plenty of smooth gain from the preamp.


Alesis Multimix 8 FireWire Studio Mixer

Il do not need firewirw insert add a compressor on a track or other because the table does not offer! I mkltimix the power that having muultimix full analog mixer as my computer interface gave me. Anyway for a low price opportunity is great stuff in terms of sound quality and possibilities with the couple Cubase PC-shuttered it.

Alesis makes a good reverb for the price. Regarding the connection with the PC when the drivers are installed it lighter and is recognized instantly in cubase Unclear whether the console is transparent, it depends very much on the sound system on which the branch, microphones used, the quality of cables Normal, this award, too The console is transparent but the poor quality pramplis as it introduces a lot of blows on the 8 amplified input!

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There are 99 presets in total Hall reverb 10x – 10x reverb Room fierwire 10x Plate Reverb – Reverb Chamber 10x – 10x Chorus – Flanger 10x – 10x delay – 10x pitch – etc. I own a few other Audio Interfaces and though this is not the absolute best sounding of the three, its the most convenient.

Intgre effects section, but not taken into account in multitrack recording. I connected a Shure KSM44 to the first channel and was impressed with the clean, clear, and unhyped frequency response. Alesis has a hit on their hands with the Multimix Firewire models. It has a 3 Band Shelving EQ.


Log in Become a member. Not rack 8 mic preamp, 8 stereo voice, 1 stereo main output, 1 stereo for voice transfer, the two outputs, headphone jack. We must therefore continue to use the internal sound card for sound and use the windaube multimix your squenceur.

The report quality and unbeatable prices I think, bought in toto. This works well plutt, except when I sometimes cuts and my Multimix “disparate” suddenly.

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Alesis Multimix FireWire Review

Voila, hsitez not invest if you want to start. With this table I can finally record my drums. Another important point from which t said before, the drivers are unstable if you use the table as frewire sound card for multomix. The ratio quality price is right, even if it is prvoir possibly buying a license Cubase worthy of the name. As analog mixers they provide all the features you need to run a band rehearsal or a club gig.

The grip is quite simple, just look at it with a semblance of logic. I put 9 because I am satisfied with TRS. Yes, for that price, I would definitely do it again.