You will be responsible for safe-guarding all data stored on this device. This item doesn’t belong on this page. Randomly play all tracks in the folder and stop. The MENU system is composed of 6 main menus with sub-menus. To skip to previous track or previous FM station. Backlight stays on from 0 to 30 seconds.

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Adjust jp3 position of the player and earphones. S do not need any other device driver installation. You really do get about 40 hrs batt life.

Listen to your payer on the PC to see if they are corrupted. Contents Close the battery cover. Play a single track ifo-890. Please download an appropriate version for your player. Voice Auto Detection first slider: Randomly play all tracks in the folder and stop. This doubles the record time. Hearing experts advise against continuously loud and extended play.

To skip to previous track or previous FM station. Please read this manual carefully before using your new player.


iriver iFP MB Flash MP3 Player | Product overview | What Hi-Fi?

You can select the Bass Center Band level from Band 1 to llayer. Windows XP The iRiver software driver will not cause any damage to your computer.

Check the Free Space indicator in iriver Music Manager to ensure you have enough free space on your plaeyr for the firmware upgrade. This is useful for recording over a long period of time to save memory. Set to “0” for OFF.

AGC Control not activated. It handled the heat a nd vibration just fine. Play all tracks in the folder repeatedly.

Check out Menu General Language and confirm whether the right language has been selected. This MB digital media player is very small, so you can stow it hidden away inside your backpack or jacket. Button operation order is as below. Plays the beginning 10 seconds of each track in sequential order. It uses a normal AA battery.

You will playr fit about 55 songs on this size, and they do get old, but that is my only complaint. To record through Line-In Ext. Playback begins from the first track after the player is stopped or powered off. NOTE Volume can not be controlled while recording. Read full review Verified purchase: The amount of silence the player will use to determine when a track has ended and to start a new file.


My wife and I both bought the MB versions then got these smaller ones for her sisters birthdays. Product Key Features Storage Capacity.

iRiver iFP-890 Red ( 256 MB ) Digital Media Player

Interval Repeat A-B Play all tracks in the folder and stop. Adjust the LCD screen contrast.

When recording voice, the recording level is automatically controlled and the sound from a long distance is normally recorded.