Holding the tray on a stable surface, press the guide lock, and slide the rear guide until it locks at the paper length you want. Replace the tires as necessary. There was not enough time between printhead start and the printhead mirror motor to lock. Use Up or Down to scroll to Scanner Calibration. If the dirt is heavy, use a neutral cleanser or alcohol.

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Do not power the device down.

Any reference to a product, program, or service is not intended to state or imply that only that product, program, or service may be used. Use Up or Down to scroll to Serial Number.

Lexmark X and Xn MFP XXX Service Manual |

Do not leave the print cartridge assembly exposed to direct light for an extended period of time. Scale—Pressing the scale button activates the scale setting which controls the size of the copied document as compared to the original document.

Laserprodukten van klasse I worden niet als ongevaarlijk aangemerkt.

Incorrect laser exposure or incorrect charging of the photoconductor causes an all-black page. Observe the orientation of the flag and spring before replacing units. Handle the transfer roll as little as possible.


Repeat steps 8 and 9 for the second pin. Original Size Specify the default size of original documents to be faxed.

Large metal objects can be discharge paths without being x340x/340n/x342n. Setup sheet Description The Setup sheet gives you instructions for setting up hardware and software.

Open the top cover. Fax Modulations The Fax Modulations menu item is used to enable or disable fax communications protocols.

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The cable can be reached without fully removing the card. Feed card stock one sheet at a time through the manual feeder. POST completes except lights do not come on. Page 30 Load the paper with the print side facing down.

Lexmark-x340-x340n-x342n/Drivers/Scan/Vegas.inf Driver File Contents (Lexmark-x340-x340n-x342n.zip)

Remove the two screws A securing the cover. Sending A Fax Sending a fax Note: Multi-purpose job setup buttons Press the Content button to select the type of content being faxed or copied. Need to open cover and clear any media under cartridge before continuing.

No data is lost. The CND log is printed. Installing An Overlay For Another Language Installing an overlay for another language These instructions apply only if you received one or more additional language overlays with the MFP. Troubleshooting Page 72 – Setup troubleshooting Page 73 Page 74 – Removing and reinstalling the drivers so If any additional information needs to be specified to start a function, a request for information will be displayed on the panel.


Gently remove the geared belt from the CCD. Press the access button on the left side of the MFP, and open the front cover. Diagnostic information XXX Service error codes 9xx Continued Error Description Action Toner Sensor The toner sensor is not operating properly, the developer drive assembly is not operating properly, or the toner cartridge is defective.

Carefully remove the 18 and 20 pin ribbon cables A from the CCD. Repair information provides instructions for making printer adjustments and removing and installing FRUs. Verify 24 V dc on pins 9 and 10 at connector CN Reinstall it and recheck for condition.

Press the tang C on the connector to disconnect the cable connector.