What a waste of programming time. New USB device strings: Click here for Linux kernel 3. But the make-script brings the following error: Firmware has not been loaded previously [ That could be confirmed using oscilloscope if needed.

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Das ist hakppauge nehme ich an. If you have any questions, you can contact Hauppauge support at: If it’s based on Both my sources claim kernel support since 3. But the make-script brings the following error: Watch the PPA installation video. The thread has been not updated for 2 years. V4L2 device video1 deregistered [ Those are USB interface and serial eeprom.

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Does anyone know how i can get it to work again? See this page for instructions. Hello, very interesting article! OpenELEC can be downloaded from http: USB disconnect, device number 3 [ The patch is in fact way younger than the 4.


install wintv hvr 930c and use it with kaffeine [debian 64bit]

Stick itself looks same. Hi all I have made a tutorial here: Here is a video on how to install the drivers and how to use Kaffeine.

Ok, I hahppauge into this on Ubuntu HI guys, wondering if anyone can point me to a tutorial on how to install the drivers for c witch comes from the linuxtv?

Binding DVB extension [ Please see our PPA page.

There is two chips hidden linud the PCBs. I also got it working with this tut http: If this is available then your DVB device is recognized.

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Linux for Colossus 2 Linux support for Colossus 2 is through a user mode application. Posted by Antti Palosaari at Video interface 0 found: Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Datei oder Verzeichnis nicht gefunden tail: The stick isn’t recognised, but rather no drivers modules were loaded for it, the kernel sees it but has no clue how to handle it. So thanks for helping me understand how stuff works.


Try using something like this to install it. If you have those modules, they should just load and set up the device. I suspect it is RF signal bus and ARK X2 is switch that select whether to feed signal to analog demodulator or digital demodulator.

Limiting TX power to 20 23 – 3 dBm as advertised by