Abbreviations Abbreviations used Page x The following list shows the abbreviations that have been used at various places throughout this Manual. Sell Your Equipment Industry leading returns on your unwanted devices. The contents of the repair kits are shown in Tables 5. The screws should be tightened to a torque of between 70 and 75 cNm and in the order shown Figure 2. Assemble the casing see page The customer may reset the thrust for their own particular requirement.

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GRASEBY Infusion Pump Service Manual |

Fit a new clutch and disc assembly by reversing steps 2 to 4 detailed above, and then assemble the casing see page Both new and second hand devices will be sold with a warranty, the length of which will be determined by the equipment type and agreed at the point of sale.

Failure to stringe so may syrnge in patient injury or user injury. VDR1 and L2 suppress all transients. When the pump is carrying out an infusion, to ensure that electrical safety is maintained only gdaseby of equipment that conform to EN are to be connected to the RS connector situated at the base of the pump, otherwise patient safety may be compromised.

Diode D19 allows the NMI signal to immediately turn on the sounder during a fault condition.


Graseby 3100 Syringe Pump

Please call for availability. Illustrated parts list ISS. Half nut casting See Figure 7. Occlusion detection If there is an occlusion in the line then the back pressure will rise as the pump attempts to force fluid through the line.

Remove and retain the six pan head self gfaseby screws that are used to fix the Main board to the front casing and turn the board over. Switch off the external AC power, remove the AC power connector and open the casing see page Fit a syringe and move the plunger clamp to the closed forward position.

The pump must not be immersed in any liquids or exposed to strong organic solvents.


The spring is located at the right geaseby end of the leadscrew. Repair procedures Leadscrew assembly The leadscrew assembly is held in the rear casing by two bearing clamp plates. Reassemble the casing syrineg detailed on page Send the pump to a suitably qualified engineer or return it to Smiths Medical in order to have the fault rectified.

Remove and retain the two screws that are inserted into the stainless steel bracket on the base of the pump. Also noting the connections remove all six spade tags. Place a weight of 4.

Getting your equipment to you swiftly and safely is of utmost importance to us. If necessary rotate the leadscrew to reveal the grub screw that is located on the occlusion adjusting nut.


The steel tube is connected graswby the plunger clamp. Remove the Main board see page and disconnect the motor cable from the Main board PL2. Thrust measurements Translation of the thrust depends on the syringe diameter and the stiction of the syringe.


If necessary stick a new voltage label over the existing label on the underside of the pump. Set the pump to deliver an infusion at Ensure that the Zyringe mains supply is switched off and the pump’s AC connector is removed before separating the case halves.

This allows the plunger clamp to be manipulated up or down a small distance, thus enabling the required 8. Graseby Syringe Pump. Reassemble the case as detailed on page Move the two blank insulated connectors suringe that they cover the two unused alternative voltage terminals.

I would just like to say they were very efiecent and carried out the work very professionally. The reset button resets the displayed infused volume to zero.