The evaluation version of Cloudscape shipped with WebLogic only supports one database connection to a cloudscape. Storage and loading of application classes in the database is provided by two mechanisms: Please type your message and try again. The tour is also available online. You also learned how to take advantage of Java integration to create Java functions and stored procedures. Here is the less painful method. This technical article uses “Cloudscape” when referring to the features IBM adds to the core Derby engine, such as:.

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The tour is also available online. Please turn JavaScript back on and reload this page.

Data Encryption Standard DES is used as a default encryption method, or the user can configure which algorithm to use. Subsubprotocolwhich is not typically specified, determines jdbcdrivet Cloudscape looks for a database: The Derby software includes so many capabilities, what more could you possibly want?

Derby is a relational database management engine implemented as a Java class library.

JDBC Applications and the Cloudscape Technology

As mentioned above, if a stored procedure includes OUT parameters, a client application executes the stored procedure using the CallableStatement method, as shown in Listing 9.

At least I think that this is the case, I have only had JBoss running for a day. You received a summary of the security mechanisms available in Derby.


Okay it looks like I have this working now I figured that I would install JBoss, install Cloudscape, start both of them up, create some tables and brew a bean or two. Set your classpath to include: Once the application code has been added to the database, moving or copying the database ensures that the appropriate application logic is moved along with the data.

Forums Downloads Clojdscape Buzz. View image at full size. The evaluation version of Cloudscape shipped with WebLogic only supports one database connection to a cloudscape.

Cloudscape Version 10: A technical overview

That driver is part of the db2 express installation, which you can download from the official web site. For more cloudscspe on using Cloudview, refer to their website http: In addition to supporting policy files, Derby can detect digital signatures on JAR files.

You still need to install the corresponding driver to use the connection template. Buy Contact Blog Community Login. Once you get the start scripts in there to work, you have a standalone DB, and you can manage it using Cloudview.

We apologize for any confusion. It includes the following topics: Not having the user names and passwords maintained in jdbcdrivet database means less administrative overhead to transfer names into the database.


Derby provides features for securely kdbcdriver databases to mobile or remote sites, including authentication using a variety of schemes, user authorization, support for running with a Java 2 Security Manager, and database encryption.

This is especially important in deployed server applications, which must be deployed with as little administrative overhead as possible. RJDriver For more information, visit the official web site.

Class iver

The classes for SQL procedures and functions implemented in Java can be stored in the database along with the data, and the database can be programmed to load the classes from there. Go to original post. The subprotocol is always cloudscape and does not vary. Clludscape not include the swingall. All threads that access the database do so through the database cors.

Cloudscape uses the Java system property cloudscape. You can use one of two ways to set the cloudscape. It is based on the 1.