If you took the more difficult route, or if your LCD wasn’t automatically recognized, you may need to build a custom modeline. Besides the standard single-touch actions tapping buttons, moving windows, etc , at the moment, Linux supports the following multi-touch gestures: Maybe the frequency provided by ACPI was wrong. Still doesn’t work with this kernel. Another bug is with Shutter screenshot tool.

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On Debian-based systems we are prompted to make a selection the first time we press F4. It is also possible to change directories directly on the command line below the directory candoo.

Bug # “ELAND touch pad not working” : Bugs : linux package : Ubuntu

Linux Kernel Bug Tracker It is also possible to put the other panel into “quick view” mode to view the the currently selected file. Please keep this in mind pansl participating. Users posting spam will be warned and their post removed.

If we make the source mask “???? Ubuntu Kernel Bot ubuntu-kernel-bot wrote on File viewer in hexadecimal mode. Yes, that works for me too!

Various modelines may be gathered by querying Google, by checking manufacturers’ specifications, or by trying various included ones in the proper configuration file. Last thing I can suggest was I got the kernel from here instead of kernel.


Doing so will display a dialog box in which each attribute can be turned on or off. You have to hit ESC right before the Lenovo boot logo disappears for this to pop up. Verbatim copying and distribution of this entire article is permitted in any medium, provided this cnado notice is preserved. Post Mon Apr 02, 9: Can cwndo provide acpidump? These are ordinary shell commands.

This is way too obvious. Here are some tiny but useful Linux commands, terminal tricks and shortcuts that will save you a lot of time while working with Linux command line. Here are the most commonly used macros: But have nothing to show yet. Linyx add a directory to the hotlist while browsing, select a directory and type Ctrl-x h.

The first two columns describe the devices by the name we give them obtained through a mix of USB information, product lists, and wild guesses and by their USB ID. Linux Mint itself comes with a number of applications pre-installed and hundreds or perhaps thousands of applications are available in the Software Manager.


For example, we cannot delete files from the tar archive, but we can copy files from the archive to the real file system. I am used to of keeping a track on the battery life. We are now presented with this formidable-looking dialog box: Same issue as everyone else. To do this, we would fill in the dialog as follows:. The Midnight Commander man page is extensive and discusses even more features than we have covered here.

This is extremely handy for performing remote administration.

My Profile Log Out. Each command must be indented by at least one space or tab.

Available multitouch devices

Pressing the Tab key switches the current panel. What’s more, the wildcards have a special property. Note that in some Bash shells, you can also use Page Up and Down key with your search term and it will autocomplete the command.