Submitted by goodnews on February 2, – 1: These amps are clearly doing some real work because the right speaker gets pretty hot during use. I began looking for a more discreet desk solution and the MM-1 seemed like the best bet. Each speaker is roughly 7 inches tall, 4 inches wide, and 4 inches deep. My only beef with these is that there’s a bit of hiss coming through the amp even with no music playing and the right speaker gets quite warm even when idling with no music. Most speakers require a fairly messy cable setup but the MM-1’s adds insult to injury by making these cables pretty thick.

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Meze Empyrean Headphones land at InnerFidelity. Perhaps some limitation with the Atmel MCU is holding it back. What is most surprising about the MM-1’s sound isn’t that they sound good; it’s the fact that they image like a pair of stand-mounted monitors.

Bowers and Wilkins B&w Mm-1 Computer Speakers Mm1

This same chip doubles as a headphone amplifier with a maximum output of 14mW, and also converts analog signals from the Aux jack to digital – a required step to allow for DSP processing. Page 1 Page vowers. Though elegantly simple on the outside, these little guys are surprisingly advanced on the inside. The Adam Audio F5. The MM-1 turns the trick in that regard: When does a loudspeaker stop being a loudspeaker and become a computer speaker?

What Hi-Fi?

The silver metallic accents do more than just catch your eye – the right speaker features hidden volume controls and the top section acts as a heat sink for the electronics housed below. I really do think throwing all the money at 2 speakers instead of wilkis makes more sense at this price range.


Continue to Page 2. I wouldn’t use these for serious listening but all in all, I’m pleased with their muscality.

B&W MM-1 review | What Hi-Fi?

I have heard the original Focal XS 2. Your listening style and distance is crucial when buying speakers – and this will be a key theme in this review. I live in Canada and it was a one time sale at the Futureshop chain. During my audition of the MM-1s I tried them out on a variety of systems ranging from my Mac Pro tower in my office to my laptop down in the kitchen.

I used to have excellent Dynaudio studio monitors but I wasn’t getting good use out of them so I tried to reclaim some of the desk space and bought these.

The balanced, pure and vital sound has won me over completely and the beautiful enclosure is the cherry on top. The MM-1s have a reported frequency response of 38Hz to 22kHz.

The sound quality of these speakers are phenomenal. Blog Archive About Contact.

Ask random folks on the street if they have heard of Wilson, Sonus Faber, Rockport, or Harbeth, and the answer will almost certainly be no.

Your review explains virtues of MM1 very well. When does a computer speaker stop being a computer speaker and become a loudspeaker? They feature an internal 18 Watt digital amplifier that consumes 12 Watts of total power when on and less than one Watt of power in standby mode.


On the other end of the scale, they’ve consistently offered high-end models into the 5-digit price range.

I love desk speakers with this layout as it eliminates the need mmm1 a separate woofer. Hiss Submitted by John Grandberg on January 10, – 5: I am glad you thought of reviewing these speakers despite them being out for so long. A Beauty in Sight and Sound: The midrange is very musical and decidedly non-digital sounding despite the MM-1’s all-digital build and design.

Good review Submitted by twtpp on December 17, – 4: Had the Focal XS Book been around, I might have chosen those instead because they have better bass extension. Submitted by goodnews on February 2, – 1: Sure, I love having Harbeths on my desk here at home, but big speakers in a serious office might be a bit gauche.

Some frugal shoppers turned to budget studio monitors from the likes of KRK and Behringer, which isn’t necessarily a bad way to go, but if aesthetics are a concern those are all similarly bulky and bland looking so are not an option for some people.