The mob had yanked Lien from the car and mercilessly kicked and pummeled him as he cowered on the ground. Motorcyclist Reggie Chance, who was identified as the one who broke Lien’s window with his helmet, turned himself in to Manhattan’s 33rd Precinct on October 4. Mckinley August 6, Ng admitted she chucked a half-eaten plum and a partially-full water bottle out of the car at the bikers, fueling their rage early on in the event. However, Jamie Lao, who organized the rally, asserts that the title “Hollywood Stuntz” does not apply to the riders, but is a moniker he goes by himself.

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Jets New York Jets. We were ‘in grave danger ‘ “. This sentence will run consecutively with the other two, leaving him with two years in jail. He was allegedly captured on video wearing a black vest that said “Front Line Soldiers” on the back, punching and kicking the SUV [57] Braszczok, whose police work led him to pose undercover as a protestor to infiltrate the Occupy Wall Street movement, asserted that he never harmed Lien and was hitting the vehicle to maintain his cover.

Lien was then dragged from the vehicle and assaulted. He denies being present for the incident. I tried to kick them off and I screamed, “there’s a baby in the car,”‘ [32] Ng said he was unable to apexian her out because she had her seat belt on.

Yanks New Lken Yankees. He also received one year for criminal mischief for breaking the SUV’s window.


Hollywood Stuntz gang assault

A video of the incident quickly went viral after it was uploaded alecian a biker to Live Leak with the caption, “A black Range Rover ran over a group of bikers in New York City during an annual street ride. Lien said that he struck the bike from behind, stopped his vehicle, and was quickly aalexian by bikers, who began beating on his SUV.

Retrieved October 14, Lien is thrown to the pavement, where up to nine people take turns pummeling him with kicks and punches using their helmets. The video shows enraged riders pulling Alexian Lien from his Range Rover while at a red light in Washington Heights after wild and harrowing chase along the West Side Highway.

Bodybuilder wraps penis around rolling pin to finish tattoo body suit. Mckinley May 21, She said she kicked, screamed and shouted for sympathy for their 2-year-old daughter, fastened to a car seat in the back of the SUV.

Who’s the man behind Hollywood Stuntz? He stated that he was not threatening Lien when he was hit, but was alxian checking on Cruz after his accident and does not blame Lien for his injuries. Eleven bikers were convicted in connection with the attack. ABC New York 7.

Nine others have previously pleaded guilty in exchange for no or little jail time in this case. He was acquitted of the top charge of first-degree gang assault. Alexian Lien and Rosalyn Ng leaving court on Tuesday.

She reasoned that Lien aexian have honked his horn or told the bikers to get out of the way to give them a chance to part. The NYPD faced criticism when some of the bikers involved in the chase and attack were identified as off-duty New Alexizn City police officers.


Then a biker slowed down in front of their car causing Lien to tap his bumper, enraging the mob. He was previously arrested in May for driving on a revoked license. Giants New York Giants.

Hollywood Stuntz gang assault – Wikipedia

You know, permits are required for all kinds of public assembly and activities, and there should be a similar process for motorcycles”, said state senator Adriano Espaillat. Allen Edwards and Edwin Rodriguez were each sentenced to five years probation on charges of second-degree assault and first-degree rioting.

What do I do? Several defendants have accepted plea deals. She said she tried to “shoo them away” in an effort that clearly backfired. Assistant District Attorney Joshua Steinglass argued in his opening that Braszczok was responsible because he pursued Lien yet never intervened to help. She also said at the bench trial of “biker cop” Wojciech Braszczok and co-defendant Robert Sims in Manhattan Supreme Court that she saw members of the Hollywood Block Party ride using the handles of knives to bang the windows of their car.