Navigation Currency exchange Recent posts. Imagine sending and receiving e-mails, reviewing appointments and surfing the web, all in Braille. The first row of Touch Cursors routes the cursor or generates a left mouse click at the position shown in braille, which corresponds to the location on the monitor. Over 22, up-to-date products! Specifications are subject to change without notice and depend on availability.

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Scanners, printers and other USB devices plug right into the USB out-ports on the back of the Satellite – no more running travellr of ports. Purchase this product from VisionCue. The Satellite Pro was designed to meet most users requirements with a wide desktop display, while the ALVA Satellite Pro’s extra wide profile saetllite those users needing more Braille real estate for high-resolution applications and data intensive programs the access they need.

Equipped with an on-board dual voltage power supply, providing electrical power for the Satellite couldn’t be easier. Quick links Contact traveller The world at your fingertips! Additionally, names given to graphics are announced and a right mouse click can be generated at any location to ava a Windows context menu. The second row of touch cursors is used to request speech feedback when used with a speech synthesizer such as font, font style, size and color. The ergonomically designed input keys reduce the need to use the computer- or smart phone- keypad.


Browse by Vendor Find products by company name. Navigation Currency exchange Recent posts. Not at all Somewhat Mostly Very Completely. The first row satelliet Touch Cursors routes the cursor or generates a left mouse click at the position shown in braille, which corresponds to the location on the monitor.

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The second set of Satellite keypads provides common speech commands such as read the content of a window, menu or dialog, announce the window title or status line, read continuously in a document, and interruption of speech output. Do you wish to have wireless travellet access to applications?

Plug avla a standard power cable for the appropriate geographical region and the Satellite automatically senses the corresponding voltage. This gives users the advantage of a wide Braille line, but in an elegant and ergonomic profile. ALVA Satellite Traveller This slim, lightweight Braille display fits perfectly under a laptop, making it a perfect companion for every day use.

Specifications 40 Braille cells: Vendors registered with assistivetech. How successful were you today at finding products or resources that meet your needs? Including Double Touch Ava for cursor routing and font information and tactiley shaped navigation keys, the ALVA Satellite is simply a pleasure to use.

Innovative twin satellite keypads provide fast tdaveller easy access to speech and Windows functions. No longer is a bulky external power supply required. Vendor Login Login or Register Here! Display with 44 piezoelectric braille cells.


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The ALVA Satellite series feature two unique Satellite keypads enabling the user to issue reading, navigating and related commands directly from the Braille display. Whether you are looking for superior Braille quality, ease of use, enhanced navigation possibilities or durability, Optelec’s line of ALVA Satellite Braille displays is ready to meet or exceed your needs. Improve sateklite Site Would you be willing to take a moment to answer two simple questions about our site?

Integrated stereo speakers lets you listen to the speech output of your screen reader while reading Braille. Browse Products Browse by Function Find products by related functional area or disability.

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External power adapter; carrying case. One set of Satellite keypads each sets consists of six keys performs computer keyboard navigation such as the directional cursor keys, tab and shift tab, control tab and control shift tab, escape, backspace and enter. By offering maximum control directly from the braille display, hand movement between the braille display and keyboard is significantly reduced. Would you like a device that converts information from your computer screen into a seamless line of Braille characters?